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Trip To East Borneo Indonesia

I’ll tell you my experience in East Borneo, air travel from Surabaya to Balikpapan takes 1 hour 15 min.
Sepinggan Balikpapan airport is not as good as the Juanda Airport of Surabaya, Balikpapan is a city very rich in natural resources, the right side of the road is still a lot of green zones, although there appears to be logging there.
Balikpapan is the capital of East Borneo, but I just drop it in Aberdeen, after which I proceeded to the city of Samarinda, the trip takes 3 hours to reach the city of Samarinda. en route from Balikpapan to Samarinda city, we will pass hills Soeharto is still very green, after it arrived at Samarinda Seberang, to reach the city center of Samarinda, we must cross over a bridge or a boat crossing the river Mahakam.

Samarinda is a small town are quite advanced, there we are very easy to see congestion, there food is very expensive when compared with the price of food in the city of Surabaya, we could buy souvenirs typical market town of Samarinda in Citra Niaga, you should be able to use the language of Banjarmasin in order to get a cheap price if you buy something there. Following from there I continued my journey to the District Tenggarong, it takes 30 minutes to reach the district Tenggarong, to reach the district center Tenggarong, we must pass through the Golden Gate or the so-called Gate of the King because there are a huge empire in his time, namely the Kingdom of Kutai, that as far as I experienced the heyday of the kingdom of Kutai in the King Mulawarman. Tenggarong is the richest district in the country of Indonesia, therefore it would not be surprised if Arena Tenggarong have a very good sport, namely Aji Imbut sports arena in which there is a magnificent stadium, the stadium Aji Imbut Mitra Kukar team headquarters. There we can see the traditional house that is home kalimantan stage made of wood. Tenggarong very rich because of its natural resources are very abundant, is the city Tenggarong producer of coal, petroleum, and the largest timber in Indonesia.
after that I continued my journey toward the village Sebulu. Sebulu is a small village that still there are many houses on stilts, one can find many beautiful women and white there, because their ancestors were Chinese, we have to cross the Mahakam River by boat to reach the village Sebulu, after that I continued to travel in Dayak tribe villages, we can see many long-eared people there, because for them the longer the ears of people there then it is considered the higher knowledge. we can see many people doing there dance area, there are two tribes ie Dayak  Benua and Kenya, Kenya Dayak women in many beautiful face, as well as in Sebulu, but the tribe kenya many women are more beautiful.
Here’s my experience on holiday to East Borneo

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